Welcome to Advanced Nitriding Solutions!

Advanced Nitriding Solutions is a commercial Heat Treating company specializing in Nitriding, providing innovative Nitriding solutions to customers across the globe. Our services are offered with a focus on quality and streamlined lead times, while building strong relationships with our clients.

As specialist in Nitriding, we not only can achieve customer specifications where others were incapable, but also show improvements in life expectancy and consistency in more typical processes. Our Engineers work as part of the customers’ Engineering team to solve case hardening issues as well as develop application specific Nitriding solutions. Our metallurgical knowledge combined with Nitriding application experience makes Advanced Nitriding Solutions the lead choice for customers.

Through continuous R & D efforts and diligent investment in Nitriding technology, we take pride in being an environmentally responsible value-adding partner to our customers and stakeholders.

Our quest for Nitriding excellence started in 2006, when Mariann Dickman, a Batesville Indiana business women, invested in a 5 acre cornfield. A new 31,000 ft² facility was built, with 4 Nitriding furnaces. Dedication to our specialty has earned quality systems certifications for both the Aerospace and Automotive industry. Our long term vision is to provide product and process solutions through innovative surface engineering that reaches beyond heat treatment.